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The DataSquad is a team of undergraduate students who support data-related projects at UCLA. Our mission is to facilitate data processes for sustainable, replicable, and reproducible research, teaching, and workflows. Members of the DataSquad do not create, interpret, analyze, dictate, or otherwise change the nature of data sets outside of the prescribed task. The DataSquad is a part of the UCLA Library Data Science Center service and was made possible with a generous gift from Norman Powell. The UCLA DataSquad service is a chapter of the DataSquad International, a service model initiated by Carleton College.

Our Services

Our aim is to make your research and work life easier!

Coding Consultation

Do you need help with R, Python, Tableau, or other statistical programming tools? We can help you write efficient and cohesive code and recommend the best coding practices and tools for your project.

Data Cleaning and Manipulation

Do you need help with collecting, cleaning, and using data? Our team can help clean and manipulate your data in Python, R, and SQL.

Data Visualization

Need help with visualizing or displaying the data you have? Our members can help build informative and attractive visuals using Tableau, R’s ggplot, base R, and Python.

Statistical Consulting

Do you need help understanding statistical concepts or how to implement analysis using statistics in your projects? Our members have strong backgrounds in the subject of statistics.


Ongoing and Past Projects DataSquad Has Worked On

Digitalizing Ant Nests to Study Tunneling Trends

Squirrels in Motion

Analyzing Ancient Chinese Buddhist Text with Python

Como-Q - Your Skincare Assistant

Civilian Deaths at Hand of Police

DataSquad International

The First UCLA DataSquad


Norman Powell Student DataSquad

Vince Front

Project Manager

Shail Mirpuri

Norman Powell Data Science Consultant

Tristan Dewing

Norman Powell Data Science Consultant

Emily Gong

Technical Writer

Bianca Badajos

Lux Lab Student Programmer


Tim Dennis

Program Co-director

Zhiyuan Yao

Program Co-director

Leigh Phan

Data Scientist

Kristian Allen

Software Architect

Hall of Fame

Powell DataSquad Consultant Alumni

Julia Wood

Data Science Consultant 2021-2022

Keona Mae Pablo

Project Manager 2021-2022

Wiliam Foote

Technical Writer 2021-2022

Ethan Allavarpu

Data Science Consultant 2021-2022